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Hearing Nothing But Crickets

Does this sound like you?

Sat down to start the job search with a cup of coffee. Created accounts with Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and a few others. Polished your resume the best you could and started looking for job posts that sounded interesting, near your house or at least looked like you would get a decent salary. Clicked on a few posts and hit send – Indeed makes it look so easy! Before that cup is empty you have applied to 6 or 7 jobs – Guess that’s it?

Yup, that’s what you hear back. Nothing. Nada. Not even a thank you for submitting your application. Guess what? You will never hear from them because they technically never heard from you. The resume you sent was not customized for the job. You heard that right. Applicant Tracking Systems, now used by most recruiters, will scan your resume to see if you meet the skillset advertised in the job. If you don’t – you lose.

Here’s an example:

Position: Manager requiring two (2) years experience as a Manager with at least one year in direct oversight of operations, remote teams, and human resource (HR) functions….

If you don’t have the following in your resume:

Manager mentioned at least 2 times

Two (2) years experience


Remote Teams

Human Resources and (HR)

You won’t make it past the bots! 

Don’t give up!

Whoever told you this would be easy was wrong. The job search evolves on a daily basis and you need to evolve with it. Think about this:

When we get fat we hire a personal trainer or go to a specialized provider for help.

When we get sick we go to a doctor.

When we want to learn a musical instrument we go to a musician.

When we….You get the point.

STOP doing this on your own. A small investment in your job search strategy and personal brand will make all the difference. Find a resume writer who gets you. Have that person write a killer resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Power Statement – Begin to build your personal brand and stop wasting your time (and sanity) doing this alone. Just start thinking about that next job!


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