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Applicant Tracking System


Ever wondered why you applied for a job and never got a call? Looking at the qualifications, you seemed to meet them. You looked at your resume and yup, they all lined up. Well, you may have seen the stars align but the applicant tracking system saw something you didn’t. Let’s dive in and find out what that was and why.

So, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. An Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, is a tool used by about 95% of large companies to manage recruitment – from entry-level Associates to the C-Suite. The system is designed to pre-screen applications (resumes) electronically by hunting for certain keywords and phrases. If you don’t have them – you’re sunk!

Now you may be wondering how the applicant tracking systems work. Well, just like the internet searches out keywords – this system does the same. They have specific keywords they look for and plug in to their “criteria”. You can see how this can get your resume rejected when you DO fit the criteria – you just forgot to use the words they wanted!

Not only does the ATS work by using this search capability it can also be used to track the applicants in process. No more deleted emails on accident or lost communication (it’s like a directory for HR!)

So, how do I beat it? Well, that depends on what YOU look like right now on paper and where it needs to be adjusted. Here’s where we come in:

  1. It all starts with a great resume!  (becoming our slogan)
  2. We ask for specific job posts so that we match your resume with job requirements.
  3. We have internal systems (secret sauce) to see how you stack up against any job post.
  4. Our team is made up of current hiring managers who have actually used an ATS.
  5. We format the resume so the computer can read it!

Stop wasting your time -and don’t go it alone – reach out to Rad4 and let us do the heavy lifting!

At Rad4Career we look at the whole picture when working with our clients. It’s never a one size fits all situation and we pride ourselves in providing only the best. To do that – we start with what you’ve done, what didn’t work, and how to fix it. Sometimes it’s complex; sometimes it’s subtle changes to make your resume count and land you the next job that sets your career on fire.

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