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Are you currently struggling in your job search?

Did you know that a professionally written resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile can make all the difference? The average recruiter or hiring manager takes 20 seconds to review your resume – if you don’t make an instant impression – you’re done. Our team will work with you to develop not just your documents and personal brand, but a customized strategy to find the job you deserve.

Wondering how personal branding can help?

If you are like most people, you have accounts with Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter – the list goes on- and each day you submit multiple applications for positions that sound interesting. Well guess what? YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME! That’s right – most jobs are found through direct contact with recruiters (about 70% last time we checked). That means you are spending all of your time and effort targeting only 30% of the market. Seems crazy, right?

Here are six reasons you need a new strategy:

  • What you’re doing now isn’t working – you’re here, right?
  • The job search has changed and your competition will have¬† help – shouldn’t you?
  • Ever used a personal trainer – that’s us, just without all the sweat!
  • Hiring Managers are using technology to make life easier but a side effect is that many qualified candidates are never seen because of it.
  • Life is too short to write your own resume – & way too short to create your own brand.
  • We have the secret sauce…

Here is a list of our standard services

Initial Assessment: Let’s be honest, not everyone works well together. We know that we can’t possibly help everyone from every industry so we offer a FREE initial assessment to make sure we mesh. This is a big commitment – Time. Hard Earned Cash. Did we say Time? Our expert Resume Writers, Career Coaches, and Personal Brand Strategists will review your resume and to make sure we can help.

Resume Service: This is our basic service and something we recommend for everyone. It all starts with a great resume and our team will deliver. This is also an opportunity to get to know our company. Once you work with us – you won’t want to work without us!

Resume & Cover Letter: Everything from our Resume Service package plus a cover letter that you can easily customize for every job. Did you know that applicants who submit cover letters are over 50% more likely to get a closer look? By the way – this isn’t your grandmother’s cover letter – we give you a streamlined letter designed to save everyone time and actually be read from start to finish.

Resume, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn: Everything from our Resume and Cover Letter package plus a kick-Ass LinkedIn Power Statement chock-full of key words to attract recruiters in your industry. We will even adjust your job history to tell your story in the first person and add credentials, education, and more.

Both ATS and Functional Resume: You already know about our standard resume service so let us tell you a little more about why you need both an ATS-friendly and Functional resume. Most people apply to jobs on-line and need to deal with Applicant Tracking Systems. This requires a straightforward template with common sections like Summary, Highlights of Expertise, and Career Experience. A Functional resume is better suited for human review and will work well if you plan to submit the resume directly to recruiters and hiring managers. Check out our blog for more on this.

Personal Branding & Coaching:

These are our premiere packages and come with one-on-one job search coaching and personal brand creation strategies. Our experts will work with you throughout the entire job search process – from creating a killer resume to building your LinkedIn presence, tailoring your resume to specific job posts, and even how to act during an interview!


Here is a List of our Success Packages

Each Success Package comes with a 1 or 2-page resume, customizable cover letter, and LinkedIn Power Summary. You will work one-on-one with your coach to build a strategy designed for your industry and your job search requirements. This can mean an ATS-Friendly Resume and it can also mean a Functional Resume – it all depends on how you plan to apply for jobs. Your coach will help you decide.

Students & First-Time Job Seekers:¬†We know exactly how you feel as a first-time job seeker or recent grad – hey, we’ve all been there! Our team will show you how to build a resume based on little or no experience. We know what to highlight and what to leave out.

Ready to Make the Jump: This is for our clients who have held a few job positions and are ready to move to a management, leadership, or role with more responsibility. We can show you how to brag about everything you’ve done so far and what you are capable of doing in the future!

C-Suite/Executive: You know who you are. ‘Nuff said, we know you’re busy. That’s why you need us to do the heavy lifting!

Still not sure what’s right for you? Send us a message and one of our experts will reach out for a quick chat…

At RAD4 we’re here to help. This can be a big decision for anyone and we want you to be comfortable with your choice. Just fill-out the contact form below and someone from our team will contact you to discuss – on the phone – where you want to be and how we can get you there. We’re all about the personal touch!

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