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It All Starts With A Great Resume…

However, Most Job Seekers Don’t Realize the Importance of a Professional Online Presence During the Job Search


Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting so You Can Enjoy the Ride!

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What You’ll Find Here…

Online Job Search Training

Do you know what an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is? 95% of employers are using this tool to screen your resume - ever wonder why it seems like you apply for job after job with no response? - it's time to change direction - we can help.

Reputation Management

First impressions mean everything and most recruiters want to see how you look online - and not just with LinkedIn. We can help you build a professional personal brand across the web. Learn what to highlight and what to hide!

Why is Online Presence so Important?

In a job search if you don’t understand the new ways of finding and creating job opportunities,
you are losing out because you are invisible.

The change taking place in how jobs are found is earthshattering.
As a job seeker you need to find a strategic place online, across multiple platforms,
to position yourself to strategically manage the job search process.

Do you wish you knew how to build your own online identity to increase your visibility to recruiters?

  • Last time we checked, 40,000 new resumes were still being added to each DAY by job seekers caught in the unfulfilling and frustrating passive search process;
  • Companies such as Google receive as many as 70,000 unsolicited resumes each week from job seekers, making it impossible to stand out in a sea of rudderless candidates;
  • Traditional job boards are on the decline and are rapidly becoming archaic with employer job postings declining by as much as 90% in the shift to new technologies, sourcing, and social tools;
  • Social search is dominating the market as approximately 80% of employers use LinkedIn to screen job candidates (48% use Facebook and 26% use Twitter);and
  • Over 83% of recruiters state they source talent for job openings through these same social sites.


Seems overwhelming, right? It doesn’t have to – our team has done the heavy lifting for you –

we can show you how to effectively utilize the Internet for job search, online identity,
career management, job research, and reputation management.

You don’t have to do this alone….Let us help. 

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